(10)The cost of not having Effective Meetings

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Ineffective coalition meetings can results in low volunteer rates and very high job turnover? Research shows that participants are less likely to contribute to or attend future meetings if one’s perception of meeting gradually effectiveness decreases. Organizations that consistently hold poorly constructed meetings may experience increased staff turnover. These ineffective meetings can negatively impact overall attitudes within and outside of the particular organization.

For coalitions, meetings should provide the venue for strategic planning, collaboration, and overall preparation. Key stakeholders need to attend these meetings and leave feeling their time was well spent. Dissatisfaction could result in losing the participation of partners necessary to carry out a coalition’s strategic organization plan. Meetings should have a key design that promote meeting effectiveness. 

Research has shown the following:(1) using an agenda, (2) keeping minutes, (3) punctuality (starting and ending on time), (4) quality of meeting facilities, and (5) having a chairperson. Past research suggested that meetings that included these components may be more likely to be considered effective. 

SharePoint meeting technology can be used to implement these key designs.

The SharePoint technology can provide the following

Provide a completed agenda in a centralized location. − Meeting attendees are more likely to feel they attended an effective meeting when provided with an agenda ahead of time and when the meeting begins and ends on time. Agenda can be stored on SharePoint. Complete all the criteria on your agenda so participants will not question the value of your meeting which may affect their attendance in the future.

Promote attendee involvement whenever possible. − Overall, your meeting is more likely to be perceived as effective if      the attendees feel their participation is valued accordingly. Attendee involvement may be the most     important factor in a participant’s perception of a successful meeting. Take the meeting size into account, as larger meetings can make it more difficult to involve participants. If you do need to hold large meetings, think carefully about ways to get your attendees involved in the process. One possible solution is using smaller working groups. SharePoint meeting technology can allow one to accomplish this objective.