(8 )Issue – Un-Preparedness in meetings equal ineffective meetings

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The reality is that a lot of meetings are not successful due to key stake holders being unprepared. SharePoint can help organizations overcome this limitation

Case Study

John finally get an appointment to sit down with purchasing and a long sought decision maker, yet is already wrong on five issues of the prospects experience, you’d think he’d be more prepared. According to a recent study, executives say 82% of sales representatives are unprepared for meetings.

A survey of more than 150 executives (CxOs and Vice Presidents co-sponsored by Ball State University H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling, conducted by Joe Galvin — states, 82% of sales representatives are thought to be unprepared for meetings according to these executives.

That means more sales people are really winging it, rather than preparing. While the sample pool is small and the study only measures executive prospective, perception is a factor all the same. And, you know John is not alone, you could be making this same mistake easily.

No matter how hard you prepared, if you look, smell, or act unprepared, then you weren’t ready to meet. The only real opinion that matters is the one of the executive sitting across from you in that appointment. Have you done the homework necessary to present yourself (and company) in the best light? SharePoint can help your organizations overcome unpreparedness limitation.