(15)SharePoint – Good news for meetings if used properly

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We’ve all experienced more than our share of both good and bad meetings. What makes some meetings terrific, while others are simply the actual pits?  SharePoint can make your meetings terrific

Employees utilizing SharePoint can benefit in several ways when a meeting is well run. Here’s the good news about business meetings that fall into this particular category:

  • Meetings are empowering.
  • Meetings are a great way to communicate status to stakeholders.
  • Meetings develop proper work skills and leadership.
  • Meetings are morale boosting.

Unfortunately without a Sound collaboration tool such as SharePoint, meetings are prone to fall into nonproductive pitfalls. Here’s the negative side of certain meetings:

  • Meetings may not have proper focus.
  • Companies have too many meetings.
  • Attendees may be unprepared.
  • Most meeting time is actually wasted.

Although this bad news may seem very bleak, there is hope. For each of these problems, and for the many other kinds of problems that often plague business meetings, solutions are available. You simply need to be open to changing the way that meetings are conducted in your organization. You may even need to take on a leadership role, if necessary, to make your meetings work better.