In 16 days you will have the knowledge to maximize your meetings with SharePoint

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Every business, whether it has 7 employees or 2,000, has meetings as a regular part of getting things done. Although employees can communicate with one another in an organization in many different ways, business meetings — if they are conducted the right way — can be incredibly effective and very efficient.

Meetings are not only one of the most important ways for employees to communicate within organizations and stakeholders, but they’re also the way that teams get their work done. Although individual team members work on tasks outside of meetings, team meetings give members the opportunity to come together to determine the team’s goals, its plans for achieving its organization goals, and who will do what — and when.

People spend so much time in meetings in that turning meeting time into sustained results is a priority for successful most organizations. Actions that make meetings successful require management before, during, and after the meetings.

If you neglect any one of these meeting management opportunities, your meetings will not bear the fruit that you desire from the time you invest in meeting. Meeting management actions should be taken to guide meeting attendees to achieve expected, positive, and constructive outcomes.

SharePoint is a tool that can help organizations overcome a lot of meeting pitfalls. Meeting collaboration is a vital component of SharePoint Technology.  As much as we enjoy sending emails, there are limitations and shortcomings around the collaboration aspects of email. So don’t get me wrong, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange are great communications tools but fail miserably when it comes to sharing information and working together in achieving a common goal.  Have you ever tried to organize and plan a meeting by sending emails to attendees with multiple attachments and re-sending those attachments when modifications are made.  As a recipient this can become overwhelming and at times also confusing, especially when you end up with 5 different versions of the same attachment.  Welcome to working with SharePoint Meeting technology!   In this 20 day blog series, I will show case how SharePoint can enable your organization to have a more efficient way of managing meetings throughout your organization. SharePoint meeting technology will provide your organization with the framework to organize, capture and manage a meeting from start to finish.

In 16 days you will have the knowledge to maximize the productivity of your meetings with SharePoint.

  1. We will cover common issues that are faced with the majority of all meetings.
  2. We will look at common tools used to manage meeting.
  3. We describe and demonstrate how SharePoint can help you manage your meetings more efficiently.