(5 )Issue – Lack of meeting Standardization

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Pandemonium can start due to lack of standardization for meetings. For instance:

  • You may hear a lot of people yak incessantly on the sidelines, or one or two folks might jump on a soapbox and dominate the discussion.
  • The meeting topics can bounce back and forth so many times that no one can actually keep track of what’s actually being discussed.
  • If a decision results, no one knows whether it was ever even recorded or even whether anyone agreed to it.

To counteract these frustrating problems with meetings, We should consider the following:

Implement SharePoint meeting technology with: 1) each topic, 2) the key points of each topic discussion, 3) all decisions made, and 4) action items and due dates. At the end, it may include the next meeting’s 5) proposed agenda, 6) date and time, and 7) location, if known.

With a just a little fine-tuning, you can convert your meetings from profit stealers into profit boosters. The process will actually transform the quality of group collaborations in meetings and breathe new life into your morale and productivity!