SharePoint Boot Camp Training Course

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SharePoint Boot Camp Training

We have certified instructors teaching our Microsoft SharePoint bootcamp training classes and courses so that you get a quality IT training . Microsoft SharePoint training classes and certification courses Microsoft SharePoint Sever 2010 certification is a widely respected IT industry certifications

Course Title – SharePoint 2010 BootCamp Course, Instructor led virtual training

Date :  April 30th – May 3rd,      6pm to 9pm

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SharePoint boot camp training course

SharePoint boot camp training is necessary especially if you are doing premium business or running a site. It I best to know about SharePoint structure on your own and it is good for your reputation too. By doing SharePoint boot camp course, one can get full knowledge about the SharePoint and can work seamlessly and efficiently. If you are an IT professional and looking for a SharePoint boot camp course, then always select certified course. We only offer certified course with affordable price and this course is really cost effective. Our SharePoint boot camp training course offers quality classes and best certification. It is really a good source of learning SharePoint services.

We have qualified teachers to train you and empower you with best features of learning.  Good qualified teachers have lots of experience and they can teach you in a very energetic way. They all know the techniques of learning and they come up with many useful strategies. A good SharePoint training course will always offer you best learning experience with excellent quality. In a good SharePoint boot camp training course, you will definitely learn with enjoyable techniques and they will help you to enlightening the core subjects.

Presentations are really important in a training course and it should be more informative with relative subjects. Demos are also really important for your great learning experience. A good SharePoint boot camp training course must have all the easy learning technique for your better remembrance. There are plenty of Institutes offering tablets to their student and many of them are also offering some luxuries trips but it doesn’t really useful. These courses are pricey and you’ll end up with empty pocket. So also choose a reliable source of training with reasonable prices. One must consider the core syllabus and check the duration of SharePoint boot camp training courses.

A good SharePoint boot camp training course will only offer useful thing that really matter to students and they exclude all other crappy things from your training course. It world is very huge these days and there are many institutes offering really weak courses to their students. Always select professionals for your training course and learn the best from them.  A good learning experience is really important to survive in the real world of IT sector. Do not choose black hat courses as they will give no advantage to your skills and it may harm you with your reputation.

Good SharePoint boot camp courses offer variety of courses and they offer best practical training too. Discussions are also really important for these kinds of courses and one must test your knowledge, so that they’ll know how to improve you qualities and skills. Select a great course with reasonable price and do not compromise with your learning’s. Create a dynamic profile after learning SharePoint boot camp course and transform yourself with new features and skills. Always consider on nest learning experience and successfully complete your SharePoint boot camp course. Be ready for being a certified professional.



Monday – SharePoint ESSENTIALS – 6pm to 9______________________________________________________________________

In this 3 hour course, you acquire the knowledge and skills to more effectively manage information using SharePoint.

Attendees will learn the following:

– Leverage SharePoint to make your processes run more efficiently

– Leverage reporting and metrics capabilities to enhance collaboration amongst stakeholders

– Learn proactive techniques for keeping required stakeholders informed and involved

– Learn how to centralize project information and reuse organization Content


I. SharePoint Overview

1. SharePoint Features

2. SharePoint Capabilities



II. Essential SharePoint Components

1. task and resource managment components

2. Status Reporting to stakeholders

3. Meetings Managment

4. Project email consolidation techniques and strategies

5. MS Project Integration with SharePoint

6. Outlook PM integration

7. Vendor Managment and Contractor Management


III. Document Management for Projects

1. Versioning

2. Search

3. Metadata


IV. Project Security

1. SharePoint Security Framework

2. SharePoint Security Managment


V. Enterprise Collaboration

1. Forms and Content Types

2. Advanced Collaboration and Search




SharePoint Reporting Essentials Course – Tuesday 6pm to 9pm_____________________________________________________________________

Learn the following:

1. Leverage advanced Reporting components for more efficient stakeholder reporting initiatives

2. Create report infrastructure to display Metrics and Dashboard Reports

3. Learn data collection components for promoting proper organization and management

4. Learn Advanced Project Document Management Techniques for the management of key projects



I. Advanced Document Management for Projects

1. MetaData Navigation Search

2. Document Sets

3. Auditing


II. Project Organization and Management

1. Success Criteria Forms

2. InfoPath Forms

3. Advanced PM Webparts


III. Advanced Reporting

1. KPIs and Metrics

2. Charts and Graphs

3. SharePoint Designer





SharePoint Workflows – Wednesday 6pm to 9pm____________________________________________________________

You will learn about:

• How business process drive workflows

• How to map out your business process to a SharePoint Workflow

• How to use Out Of the Box Workflow Features

• How to use Custom Workflow Features using SharePoint Designer



I. SharePoint Workflow Overview

1. Workflow Features

2. Workflow Capabilities



II. Out of the box workflows

1. Serial

2. Parallel

3. Approvers

4. Administering and Testing



III. SharePoint Designer

1. Overview

2. Workflow types

3. Workflow Examples

4. Workflow Adminisering and Testing

5. Workflow integration with InfoPath


IV. Workflow Best Practice Guidiance

1. best practices

2. limitations



Securing SharePoint Essentials Course – Thursday 6pm to 9pm_____________________________________________________________________________


Course Outline:


I. SharePoint Security Overview

1. Permission levels

2. Security Groups

3. Inheritance


II. Site Component Security Assignments and setup

1. Users

2. Pages

3. List

4. Document Libraries


III. Group and Permission level Assignments and setup

1. SharePoint Groups

2. Active Directory Groups


IV. Security Guidance

1. RSS Feeds

2. Connect to Outlook

3. Project Close out task

4. Alerts

5. Web Parts

6. Templates

7. Search


IV. Security Version Control Guidance

1. Approval

2. Major/Minor


Monday – SharePoint ESSENTIALS – 6pm to 9

Tuesday – SharePoint Reporting Essentials Course – 6pm to 9pm

Wednesday – SharePoint Workflow Project Essentials Course – 6pm to 9pm

Thursday – Securing SharePoint Essentials Course -6pm to 9pm


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