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SharePoint Announces Registration Starts for New June 11 SharePoint Virtual Conference

A new SharePoint Virtual Conference, aimed at giving providing persons with best practices and practical guidance on how to leverage SharePoint 2013 components and manage their environment, is scheduled to take place June 11, 1014, has begun accepting registration online.


“Whether you are in the planning phase, implementation phase, or maintenance phase, the SharePoint 2014 Virtual Conference is designed to ensure you know the ‘best practices’ and ‘practical guidelines’ that will give you the leverage you need to effectively and efficiently manage SharePoint 2013 components and your environment,” said David Totten, a spokesperson for the SharePoint Virtual Conference.

Some of the topics that will be covered will include:

-Out of Box vs. Custom SharePoint Solutions

-SharePoint 2013 Project Management

-Securing SharePoint

According to the spokesperson, their instructors are all MCT certified and Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts in SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

SharePoint is a Microsoft application designed to help persons manage their business content and documents. “Therefore, to operate the SharePoint, persons do need to learn the software form the basic, and that’s where we come in with our training to ensure persons are up to speed,” said Karl Davis.

“Our online SharePoint Webinars are the best on the market, and our goal is to help these webinars from reputed institutes present you the opportunity for learning the features in a self-learning method, procured,” added Derrick Mathis.

Some of these institutes also arrange classes for individuals to learn the ways of using SharePoint. “The problem with that,” according to the source, “is that when you are already doing a job – you are not allowed to go out of the work schedule that you have. So, approaching these private classes can be a problematic situation.”

The solution can be found in the online SharePoint webinars, which are designed to help persons to approach their SharePoint learning in a way that is best suited to them.

“SharePoint has proven its worth in being the highly capable and easy to share software that can be used by any business house for sharing business data and procured information. Therefore, if you want to manage your business workflow and keep a time track, then the Microsoft SharePoint, can be really helpful, and our SharePoint Virtual Conference will help you,” said Brian Kirkland

ABOUT WATCHSHAREPOINT is proud to sponsor the SharePoint Training Instructor-Led series, titled Out of Box vs. Custom SharePoint Solutions. Webinars cover all things SharePoint from commonly used Out of Box Real World Solutions to Custom Real World Solutions.  Persons are taught by key experts on how to better manage and use SharePoint for their out of box or Custom Solutions. The webinars are instructor-led and person can feel free to ask any questions relating to the SharePoint Webinars course topics. is a leading enterprise in the industry that specializes in implementation of SharePoint Technology. Their aim is to spread awareness regarding SharePoint amongst small and big businesses worldwide. Every year they organize free quarterly webinars and two free Q&A Panels for SharePoint. They provide a whole wide range of SharePoint services related to Assessments and Deployment Services.


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