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SharePoint Webinar is proud to sponsor the SharePoint Webinar titled Out of Box vs. Custom SharePoint Solutions. Webinars cover all things SharePoint from commonly used Out of Box Real World Solutions to Custom Real World Solutions.  Learn from the key experts on how to better manage and use SharePoint for your out of box or Custom Solutions. Webinar is Instructor Led and you can feel free to ask any question that is related to the SharePoint Webinar Course Topics.


Course Name: SharePoint Webinar – SharePoint by Example (90 minutes)

Time: 11am to 11:45am

Dates: ​5/29/2014

Price: Free

Location: Virtual

Instructor: Microsoft Certified Trainer (10+ years of Experience)



Course Overview of Objectives


  • Out of box vs. custom SharePoint solutions
  • Out  of box vs custom Workflows
  • Best Practice ways of Securing SharePoint
  • Understand SharePoint Cloud Solution Options and features
  • Explore real world solution examples
  • Compare and Contrast SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 solutions
  • Learn about new SharePoint 2013 features
  • Examine Pros and Cons for Custom Solutions
  • Compare and Contrast Out of box and Custom SharePoint Solutions​

Course Outline

  1. Workflows
  2. Electronic Signatures
  3. Branding
  4. Security
  5. Search
  6. Forms
  7. SharePoint Cloud-Office 365
  8. Reporting
  9. Business Intellige​nce
  10. APPs
  11. Mobile Apps


Supplemental Information

Sharepoint Webinars- the best friend for your staffs to get acquainted with Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint can be stated as the intuitive and useful software basically for the large business houses, all over the world. The preliminary ask of any big business house all over the world is the accessibility and sharing method of data between different partners and branches, all over the world for the same company. Even, the implementation goes beyond just sharing of data between staffs through using the Sharepoint because this particular software helps you to connect with your business partners and even vendors. Sharepoint webinars are the basic knowledge medium for all your staff and those who do not have any concept regarding how to use Microsoft Sharepoint.

Microsoft Sharepoint can be inevitably the best opportunity for you to spread your business with the high level of work flow as well as the increment of the work capability of your staff. So, when you are implementing this Sharepoint to uphold a new business dimension, you certainly require making the staff getting to know the software, very well. Webinars and seminars are always the medium to know a particular version of Sharepoint. Sharepoint has many versions and for the full-fledged working environment with sharing to be created, you have to educate your stuff about the software and its features.

Online Sharepoint webinars are always helpful in getting to know the software. Seminars can be provided by the company itself. But, the main disadvantage of this seminars would be that here you will be able to learn about one particular software version. Taking the online Sharepoint webinars courses; you will be able to learn all the distinct versions of the same Sharepoint software and all the features included. Webinar courses can even be found from some private institutions that have certain reputations in giving training on Sharepoint software versions. Now, the package here in a private institution offers you with the chance of getting educated about the software in a challenging and competitive environment. For any complete project management work, you need the help of Sharepoint and Sharepoint webinars can definitely be a helpful involvement.

Learn from Sharepoint Webinars to involve better project management and time tracking in your business

Sharepoint has proved its worth in being the highly capable and easy to share software which can be used by any business house for sharing business data and procured information. Now, whenever I say Microsoft Sharepoint, you indicate towards the Microsoft Office suite. Yes, the Sharepoint is certainly a part of the suite and a valuable one indeed for those who require sharing the basic business data over the different business perspectives such as the partners, vendors, clients and the most important between staff working in different offices. Microsoft Sharepoint has several different versions such as the Sharepoint 200, Sharepoint server and many more. If you want to manage your business work flow and keep a time track, then the Microsoft Sharepoint can be real helpful.

Even though it is known software, very few people really know how to operate this one. Wait, are you looking for an away to learn the Sharepoint software? Well the online Sharepoint webinar courses can really be the medium of learning Sharepoint. Seminars arranged by the company itself will certainly educate you about the software, but only a particular version of Sharepoint which is being used by that particular company. When you join some other company that means you will again have to attend the seminars for a different version to learn. Well, the solution of this problem can be found with an internet connection and a computer.

The online Sharepoint webinar courses are not at all limited to one or to any particular version. If you are taking the online course from a reputed institute- then you will be able to learn all the versions of Sharepoint from the very basic. This gives you the opportunity to educate yourself upon the fluency of Sharepoint software features and all the versions. So that, as a staff of your company; you are increasing the working capability. Project management, time tracking, workflow, community as well as knowledge management- can be handled with using Sharepoint and the online Sharepoint webinars are the best way to get educated from the basic Sharepoint features.

Sharepoint Webinars- a self-learning method which can fetch you the staff of the year award

If you are working in an MNC, and have been using Sharepoint features for business involvements, then you already know the importance of learning this software well. You can’t deny the fact that basically all large business houses that have several different branches in a country or all over the world, requires a certain point of data sharing and exchange for high business activity and transparency. Sharepoint from Microsoft comes in the suite of Office 365 these days. Even, this software can be downloaded and installed separately from the suite but those are the relatively older versions. These versions that have been developed certainly create the complexion as the different companies will be using the different Sharepoint versions for their own business profit.

But, being a staff with comprehensive adaptive capability, you have to learn all the versions along with all their different versions. This level of adaptability will be required when you certainly change your company and you face a new Sharepoint version, you need to apprehend. Certainty, the company is not going to arrange for class where you will be only one to be taught with a newer or older version. So, what is the solution from this tricky situation? Sharepoint webinars are certainly the greatest possible opportunity for all those individuals who want to educate themselves as a competitor with all the Sharepoint versions with their entire features known, to you.

To operate the Sharepoint versions, you certainly need to learn the software form the basic. The online Sharepoint Webinars are the best help as these webinars from reputed institutes present you the opportunity for learning the features in a self-learning method, procured. These institutes also arrange classes for individuals learning the ways of using Sharepoint. But, the problem is that when you are already doing a job- you are not allowed to go out of the work schedule that you have. So, approaching these private classes can be a problematic situation. Then again, the online Sharepoint webinars will help you to approach your learning in a way which is best suited to you.